V & K: couple portrait shooting in Milano

9 Aprile 2018

It’s spring time in Milano and the city’s trees are filling with flowers, the vases return to bloom in the hidden courtyards and the sun is shining over us. V and K are a lovely couple from South Africa and they’re enjoying their wedding anniversary in Italy. They’ve asked us to shoot a couple portrait session in Duomo and in Brera and we had a lot of fun together.

They loved the two littles magnolias blooming on the back of Duomo Cathedral.

And they were surprised by Brera and its magical atmosphere. They loved the window of vintage dresses shops and the antique stores. And they felt in love with the hidden courtyards full of green vases with camelias and little old fountains.

Finally V and K rested in the Botanical Garden, a magical and well hidden corner of our city.

Working as couple portrait photographer is amazing, you can meet so many lovers and everyone has a different story and a unique way of being a couple.