Let's get started - I can't wait to meet you!

      My philosophy

      I'm a storyteller: I don’t only take good images, I tell your story. I want to make you feel the atmosphere and the emotions of your big day in my shoots, even watching them many years later.

      I always work with color palette, mood boards and a bit of craziness: this gives my style an eclectic, refined and creative touch. My inspiration often comes from fashion editorials and movies, and I imagine your wedding as a movie in itself: detailed storytelling treated with care and attention, whose postproduction will reflect the emotions and the moods you lived that day. Creativity is also very important for me, and I feel in love with polaroids, gifs, and double exposure.
      So let's have fun together!

      I work in Milan and on the Lake Como, but I love traveling and meeting new cultures, so I'm available worldwide.




      I'm a wedding photographer and a web artist.

      I love cinema and panoramic shoots. I'm crazy for David Lynch.

      I'm a big fan of Tim Walker and Paolo Roversi and their editorials are a big inspiration for my work.

      I listen tons of music and I'm deeply influenced by David Bowie and Miles Davies.

      I'm totally in love with  Hieronymus Bosch and Francis Bacon, they're a continuous inspiration.

      I like to cook dinner and prepare cocktails for my friends.


      Let's talk about your story!

      I truly believe in love and I feel emotionally intrigued about love stories, ’cause each couple is unique, with a different story to tell. I’m interested in your wedding and in your dreams, but first of all, I’m are interested in you. I wanna talk about your life, expectations, dreams. I wanna tell your story. I wanna create a connection with you.
      I want you to feel comfortable, to enjoy your day, your time and your emotions.